About Us
About Us

Don't Spy On Us is a coalition of the most influential organisations who defend privacy, free expression and digital rights in the UK and in Europe.

We've come together to fight back against the system of unfettered mass state surveillance that Edward Snowden exposed. Right now, the UK’s intelligence services are conducting mass surveillance that violates the right to privacy of internet users and chills freedom of expression.

Don't Spy On Us is calling for an end to mass surveillance in line with our six principles. We want new legislation that will mean: surveillance is only targeted at those suspected of crimes; the security agencies are accountable to our elected representatives; and judges not politicians will decide when surveillance is justified.

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To find out more about Don't Spy on Us, or how your organisation can become a supporter, please contact Eric King, Director of Don't Spy on Us.

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Join the campaign today and help us take action against mass state surveillance of our private communications.

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