Science & Technology Committee report says Investigatory Powers Bill could threaten UK tech sector

The Don’t Spy on Us coalition urges the UK Government to address the issues raised in the Science and Technology Committee’s report into the draft Investigatory Powers Bill. This first report into the Bill's feasibility says it could undermine the UK tech industry if passed in its current state. DSOU is urging the government to allow sufficient time to address the issues raised by the Committee.…

Letter calling for Home Secretary to support strong encryption

Don't Spy on Us have written to the Home Secretary calling for the UK government to support strong encryption and clarify provisions in the Investigatory Powers Bill. The letter is below:

Get drafting! Just 7 days to submit human rights analyses of the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill!

The Joint Committee on Human Rights is accepting submissions on the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill. This committee will be one of only a handful calling for evidence on the new UK surveillance law and importantly the…

Don't Spy on Us condemns the fast-tracking of new surveillance legislation

The decision by the government to reduce parliamentary scrutiny of the Investigatory Powers Bill has been condemned by civil liberties groups and technology experts. The draft Bill and explanatory notes, which run to 299 pages, will now only receive three weeks scrutiny in order to drive the legislation through parliament in the New Year.

Speak tech to power! 10 days to submit technical evidence on Investigatory Powers Bill!

The British Parliament's Science and Technology Committee has opened a short inquiry into the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill. This committee will be one of only a handful calling for evidence on the new UK…

Don't Spy on Us response to the draft Investigatory Powers Bill

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill was published today. Don't Spy on Us have been calling for a new legal framework since the Snowden revelations. Over the next weeks, we will be examining the detail of the 300 page draft to see if it meets our six principles for reform. However, here are initial responses by members of the Don't Spy on Us coalition.

Don’t Spy On Us Response to the inquiries into privacy and surveillance

Since the launch of the Don't Spy On Us campaign, a series of major inquiries was announced in response to the public and civil society’s demand for greater transparency. All have concluded that the law needs wholesale reform. This paper outlines where there is now consensus to reform the law in the UK and how this could provide a framework for forthcoming primary legislation.

Don't Spy on Us response to the Anderson Review

Don't Spy On Us campaign response to the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation report of the Investigatory Powers Reviews

Supporters' media pack

A media pack for Don't Spy On Us supporters to use in the general election.

As a parliamentary candidate, how can you push back on mass surveillance?

Here's a guide for prospective parliamentary candidates on what the Don't Spy On Us campaign and our members are calling for in the next parliament.

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