What the Investigatory Powers Act means for you

With the passing of the Investigatory Powers Act, previously secret illegal surveillance practice revealed by Edward Snowden will now be entrenched in law, alongside new powers not used in any western democracy. Below are some of the key ways the IPA might affect you.

Parliament passes most extreme surveillance law in UK history

The UK parliament has passed the Investigatory Powers Bill, the most extreme surveillance law in our history.

House of Lords briefing

The House of Lords starts to debate the Investigatory Powers Bill on Monday 11th June.

Web creator Tim Berners Lee says UK government asking for “too much power to spy on its citizens”

The inventor of the world wide web Tim Berners Lee has called the Investigatory Powers Bill ‘inappropriate’ and urged members of the public to write to their MPs about it.

Don't Spy on Us tell Theresa May to stop giving dictators ideas

The Don’t Spy On Us coalition has launched a provocative new advert alerting the public to the dangers of Theresa May’s proposed new surveillance powers.

‘Snoopers’ Charter’ could hit police forces with £1 billion bill

Proposals to collect the internet connection records (ICRs) of every UK citizen could cost more than £1 billion. These costs, which would fall to the Home Office, could be the equivalent cost of employing 3,000 full-time police officers at a time of officer cuts.

Don't Spy on Us launches fundraiser for Investigatory Powers Bill ad campaign

Don't Spy on Us is raising funds for an advertising campaign about the Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB).

Don't Spy on Us calls on Government to stop rushing the Investigatory Powers Bill through Parliament

The Government has published a revised version of the Investigatory Powers Bill.

Investigatory Powers Bill: How to make it fit-for-purpose

We understand that a revised draft of the Investigatory Powers Bill will be published in the first week of March – less than three weeks after the Joint Committee reported its findings. We are gravely concerned that the significant flaws within the Bill will not have been addressed. This report aims to give MPs and Peers a clear summary of the risks and threats posed by the draft IPB, based on the committees' reports and the evidence submitted to them. We hope that it will help Parliamentarians judge whether these issues have been satisfactorily resolved in the revised Bill.

DSOU coalition calls for complete re-write of Investigatory Powers Bill

The Don’t Spy on Us coalition has called for the Home Office to re-write the draft Investigatory Powers Bill following the publication of a third report that includes serious criticisms of the draft Bill.

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