Don't Spy on Us calls on Government to stop rushing the Investigatory Powers Bill through Parliament

The Government has published a revised version of the Investigatory Powers Bill.

Eric King, Director of the Don't Spy on Us coalition, said:

“Rather than a full redraft, we've been given cosmetic tweaks to a heavily criticised, deeply intrusive bill.”

“Reshuffling safeguards, without meaningfully improving protections, authorisations or oversight does nothing to address widespread concerns about mass surveillance. The unsettling absence of a robust, technical detailed, evaluation of those bulk powers means the case still hasn't been made, and Parliament won't have the information it needs to do it's job.”

“There simply isn’t time for proper scrutiny of all these powers in the timeframe proposed. More than 100 experts called on the Home Office to put on the brakes. The government must think again.”

Experts call for delay

Over 100 people and organisations have signed a public letter calling for the Government to stop rushing the Bill through Parliament. The signatories include MPs, academics, lawyers, human rights activists representatives from the tech industry:

Report to MPs

The Don’t Spy on Us coalition have published a report for MPs, summarising the flaws that experts have identified.




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