Don't Spy On Us: Day of Action

Don't Spy On Us: Day of Action
Saturday 7th June

13:15 till 19:30
Shoreditch Town Hall

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On Saturday 7th June 2014, one year on from whistleblower Edward Snowden's revealing of the scale of the NSA and GCHQ's mass surveillance, the Don't Spy On Us campaign hosted the biggest event on privacy in the UK of the year.

Stephen Fry Video

Stephen Fry joined us with a video statement calling on governments to step back from surveillance.

Press Coverage and Blogs

The Telegraph
Stephen Fry: Spying by UK and US intelligence agencies is 'disgraceful'

Stephen Fry: Mass surveillance by government spy agencies is 'squalid and rancid'

The Guardian
Stephen Fry attacks 'squalid' coalition for inaction on Snowden revelations

Huffington Post
Stephen Fry Calls For End To Mass Surveillance At #DontSpyOnUs Event To Mark Snowden Anniversary

Don't Spy On Us Press Release
Stephen Fry calls spying on citizens ‘squalid and rancid’ at Don’t Spy on Us Day of Action in London

LibDem Voice
Don’t Spy On Us — a Lib Dem call to action


Alan Rusbridger  Jimmy Wales  Shami Chakrabarti  Cory Doctorow

Richard Aldrich  Lord Richard Allan  Caspar Bowden  Ian Brown  Duncan Campbell

Emma Carr  Tim Duffy  Jo Glanville  Kate Goold  Gabrielle Guillemin

Mike Harris  Gus Hosein  Baroness Helena Kennedy  Jim Killock  Graham Linehan  Ewen MacAskill

Claude Moraes MEP  Carly Nyst  Rachel Robinson  Bruce Schneier  Richard Tynan


Rob Sharp from English PEN put together a Storify collating Tweets about the day.

With many thanks to F-Secure for their sponsorship of the event.