House of Lords briefing

The House of Lords starts to debate the Investigatory Powers Bill on Monday 11th June.

Investigatory Powers Bill: How to make it fit-for-purpose

We understand that a revised draft of the Investigatory Powers Bill will be published in the first week of March – less than three weeks after the Joint Committee reported its findings. We are gravely concerned that the significant flaws within the Bill will not have been addressed. This report aims to give MPs and Peers a clear summary of the risks and threats posed by the draft IPB, based on the committees' reports and the evidence submitted to them. We hope that it will help Parliamentarians judge whether these issues have been satisfactorily resolved in the revised Bill.

Don’t Spy On Us Response to the inquiries into privacy and surveillance

Since the launch of the Don't Spy On Us campaign, a series of major inquiries was announced in response to the public and civil society’s demand for greater transparency. All have concluded that the law needs wholesale reform. This paper outlines where there is now consensus to reform the law in the UK and how this could provide a framework for forthcoming primary legislation.

Don't Spy on Us response to the Anderson Review

Don't Spy On Us campaign response to the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation report of the Investigatory Powers Reviews

Cameron and Encryption

David Cameron put surveillance onto the agenda for the General Election earlier this week. In response to the atrocities committed in Paris against Charlie Hebdo journalists.